OAS Update 22

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Operation American Spring

Subject: OAS Update 22
Source: COL Harry Riley (USA RET)
Date: 3/18/2014

Operation American Spring (OAS) Status: Our grass-roots efforts are growing exponentially.  Radio is now coming to us…we no longer have to seek exposure on the airways.  Major stations are now contacting our Public Relations Team (Rose) asking for an OAS person to be on their show.  Today we were on The Bill Martinez Live show.  A syndicated, nationwide radio with over 250 stations broadcasting his show……so. the exposure is becoming an avalanche…OAS now has several men and women that are on radio shows, writing press releases, plus all of you doing what you are doing in support of our mission. God is good and He is the wind behind our grass-roots mission…we just have to believe in our honorable, noble effort.

State Operation Center (SOC) State leaders should have already contacted Don Johnson, SOC Coordinator. If not, you can reach Don at donjohnson@reagan.com. If your State does not have an active leader, then you must step up, contact Don. Don’t wait, we can no longer have an attitude of “let someone else do it”.  The grave threat to our nation demands we all step forward and do something.

Opposition: Make no mistake, we are being attacked by those of greed, power-hungry, socialist, et al., but we keep on keeping on.  Don’t be misled by rumors, false accusations trying to undermine us as to our direction.  We are making our demands, grievances, and gathering in a constitutional fashion, which we will share with all of OAS soon…everything is in accordance with our constitution.  Our mission is peaceful, unarmed, non-violent, obeying lawful rules.  Our best message, protection, security will be the millions of patriots that have each other backs.  Be there with us…….we have no choice, darkness is descending, and “we the people” must be the light under God’s grace.

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Please visit often for updates, share and get the message out and above all participate. When commenting on chat, blogs, Facebook, etc., please remember we are on the same team.  Be courteous/thoughtful, in discussions…disagreement is fine, but please, be respectful of one another.

If you haven’t visited your State Group, please do so today. State Groups are accessible from all OAS sites.

I am Honored to be serving, locking arms, shoulder to shoulder, with each and every one of you!

Have a blessed day!

God bless,

Harry Riley | OAS/PFA